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Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

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Proven techniques to stimulate your muscle fibres, promote muscle growth, enhance your metabolism, improve fatigue, overcome plateau and lose body fat


My online programs and resources provide an excellent learning experience. All the online programs are developed with years of experience addressing the needs of my clients


Whether you want to shed some extra fat, build a lean toned body or indulge in a healthy lifestyle, I offer comprehensive training & exercise to help you reach your goal

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4-week core training

This program is designed to enhance endurance, strength and boost power to achieve core stability. Your core is a group of muscles that help to stabilize and move the spine. I offer this program to both “beginners” and “advance level” with the goal to build a muscular and well-defined core.

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Healthy Life

Make healthy choices in your lifestyle with the help from an expert. My programs are more than just an exercise and diet.


Naturally Fit

My programs incorporate the diet & exercises to stay naturally fit. Avoid chemicals and unnecessary supplements.



What exercises should you do? or What is your meal plan? I will help you to reassess and determine your situation.



I am a result-oriented person and so are my programs. With proper training, I offer you a sound body, mind and soul.

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Tips & Advice

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is all about making healthy choices. Sometimes all it requires is a little guidance, tips and advice. I will be providing free tips and techniques to gradually change your lifestyle thus maintaining a healthy outlook and better health.

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Success Stories

Highly Experienced

I enrolled in her weight loss program and learned a lot about healthy meals and different food categories. She has changed my lifestyle and now I am filled with energy. Highly experienced instructor.

Leah A


Amazing Program

Right after I called Anita, she took great care of me. She helped me set up goals and train me to be a healthier person. I like her comprehensive approach and amazing programs. I recommend her to everyone.

Milli R

Executive Assistant

Highly Recommended

My work and social life leave me with a very tight schedule. I needed to achieve more within a very limited timeframe. Thats where Anita came and help me achieved my goals. Thank Anita. Highly Recommeded.

Jeff R