BIO from the President’s Council On Fitness, Sports & Nutrition

Cornell McClellan

• Certified Personal Trainer, Committed to Total Wellness
• Fitness Consultant and Personal Trainer to the First Family of the United States: President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama
• 2010 & 2011 President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition
• Contributor to the Chicago Sun-Times, writing on issues of health & physical fitness.

Recognition of Achievements
As the owner of Naturally Fit, Inc. a personal training and wellness center, Cornell McClellan is committed to the personal fitness goals of each client that he and his staff serve. His personal and professional philosophy on fitness is that everyone is capable of obtaining it. Being fit, healthy and well should be viewed as an everyday experience, and not an exception-but in fact, the rule of everyone’s lifestyle.

McClellan’s career in health and fitness began over 30 years ago when he was an avid student and later an instructor of Karate. Being an accomplished athlete, he earned a Black Belt in Karate in the seventies. During the early 80′s he managed a Youth Fitness Program in the Austin community in Chicago, where he also coached basketball. His involvement with the physical fitness of youth continued throughout this decade as he utilized much of his time as a wrestling and fitness coach for neighborhood youth. Still today, he has worked with youth from Whitney Young High School’s basketball teams-male and female. He has also given much of his expertise and time to Leo High School, Carver High School, and other youth athletes from all over the City of Chicago.

McClellan began weight lifting and became proficient with the guidance of skilled mentors, such as internationally known body builders, Charles Glass, Mike Christian, Ed Coan (the strongest man in the world-pound for pound), and John Parrillo, who also owns a line of nutritional supplements and exercise equipment. This exposure and training allowed McClellan to prepare himself as a training partner for several enthusiasts who eventually became champions and won titles for the Illinois Cup, Mr. Illinois, Mr. U.S.A., Mr. America and Mr. Universe.

Mind Body and Spirit
For 20 years, his commitment to wellness has included the education of clients on how the daily diet is vital to living better and longer. For three years, he served on the international board for Earth Save, an organization founded by John Robbins, author of “Diet for a New America.” Their mission is to bring the world closer to a plant-based lifestyle. He was a member of Roots of Peace, a Chicago-based vegan group, whose mission is to educate the children and community about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

On a Mission . . .
To show clients how fitness can be achieved through a holistic approach that enhances the mind, strengthens the body, and nurtures the spirit. To coach and encourage clients in achieving the proper balance in their pursuit of a totally fit lifestyle.

Cornell’s Statement of Commitment
“I want clients to understand what needs to be done, and to commit to doing it. Living a healthy life is just one way to give thanks to God for the life He has given us.”

Recognition of Achievements
The media has covered McClellan’s fitness career over the years on WMAQ-TV (Chicago), WGN-TV (Chicago), in Jet and Ebony Magazines, Lifeline Magazine, a publication by the National Black Publishers Association, and the cover story featured in N’Digo Magapaper. He is also a recipient of the “Fit to Serve” Service Award, 2002 (presented by the AAAFP-African-American Association of Fitness Professionals), and the “Award of Excellence” 2002 (presented by Creativity United, Inc. for providing personal fitness training to their staff of models).

Public Service-Public Speaking
He has participated in various seminars with such notables as Howard Lymon, nationally known for the legal battle he shared with Oprah Winfrey against the Beef Industry, as well as Robert Cohens, author of many books on the use of dairy products and other natural nutritional issues. In 2002, McClellan was certified in the program, “Food is Elementary.” This is a hands-on curriculum for young students, developed by Antonia Demas of Cornell University.

Often invited to serve as guest lecturer and workshop facilitator, McClellan has presented to groups, such as MOCHA (a national stay-at-home mothers’ support group), as well as numerous church and community organizations. Most recently, he served on panels for expos sponsored by Chicago Conscious Living and Today’s Black Woman.

6-23-10 White House Press Release:
First Lady Launches President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition
Mrs. Obama joins Washington, DC-area kids to unveil expanded mission of Council, introduce 2010 Council Co-Chairs and Members