Anita Russell

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Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire you?

An experienced fitness and personal trainer will guide you to reach your goal safer and faster. For last 18+ years, I have trained hundreds of individuals by customizing the training plan based on their individual goals, opportunities and limitations. Having a trained and experienced instructor is the most efficient way to reach your fitness goals such as weight-loss, strength & endurance conditioning, core building and rehabilitation. 

I value diversity and my friendly goal-oriented approach has always keep me one step ahead of my competition. I offer a free consultation (absolutely no obligation) so that you can try me out before making a decision.

How will I know, if your program is right for me?

All my programs are engaging and stimulating. While developing these programs I have taken many factors into consideration such as motivation, effectiveness and continuation. All of my programs come with free consultation.

Am I too overweight / old / unfit to hire a personal trainer?

My programs are designed for all body types and ages. I will work together with you to build a personalized fitness plan to reach your goals. With total dedication and devotion, I have helped many individuals to overcome their limitations and obstacles.

Do you offer in-person training?

Based on your busy schedule, you can choose either in-person or online training. In both programs, you will get unlimited access to me. I will walk you through the whole process until you reach your desired goal.

How many sessions should I purchase?

Once you purchase my program, I will contact you with all the details. In the next step, I will access your situation and goal. I will make recommendations and offer you the individualize fitness plan. Once you are ready to start your journey, I will guide you all along the way to achieve your fitness goals and objectives.

How does your online program works?

Based on your schedule and time, you can purchase more than 1 program at a time. For example; I recommend you to purchase Nutrition program together with weight-loss program, as these 2 programs complement each other.

To learn which program is best for you, simple give me a call and I will help you choose the right one based on your ultimate fitness goal.

I want to lose weight, can you help me with that?

My popular weight-loss program is designed to help lose weight faster and safer. This comprehensive program will guide you every step of the training to help you shed fat and build toned body. Click here for more information.

Do you encourage supplement pills and powder?

I encourage all my clients to eat natural and healthy diet. Although I am not against any dietary supplement and pills, I inspire to reach the fitness goal using 100% natural diet.

What can I expect from your programs?

Each program is designed to address different goals. All of my programs include an initial assessment, goal evaluation, planning, training (cardio vascular, strength & endurance, core building), nutrition and final review. Throughout the program cycle, you will receive professional counselling and recommendations. I will personally walk you through the process and guide you towards your ultimate goal.